Henning Pieterse


Henning Pieterse is a partner at Bisset Boehmke McBlain and has more than 25 years’ experience. He began his professional career in 1980 when he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs. He had postings in New York and Moscow. Henning joined Bisset Boehmke McBlain in 1995 as a candidate attorney. He was admitted both as an attorney and appointed as an associate at Bisset Boehmke McBlain in 1997. The year after, he became a partner at the firm.

Henning has extensive experience in commercial law, including drafting contracts, advising on sales of shares and businesses, and advising local and foreign private clients. He has acted for clients in various sectors and industries, including entities established because of the Richtersveld land claim settlement since 2007.

Areas of Expertise
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • BA (Hons) – University of Pretoria
  • LLB – University of Pretoria
  • LLM – University of Pretoria

Henning serves as trustee on several family trusts.

Did You Know?
As a result of Henning’s overseas postings, he maintains an active interest in international politics and South Africa’s international relations with Russia and the USA. Henning has a basic knowledge of the Russian language. He enjoys swimming and reading in his spare time.

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