Lisa Visagie


Areas of Expertise
  • Property Law
  • Conveyancing
  • BA LLB – University of Cape Town
Lisa Visagie is a partner at Bisset Boehmke McBlain and has more than 19 years’ experience.

Lisa joined Balsillies Inc in 1996 as a candidate attorney. In 1998 she was admitted as an attorney and appointed as an associate at the firm. In 2002 she joined Minty Attorneys as a partner. Lisa was appointed as senior associate at Bisset Boehmke McBlain in 2004 and as a partner six months later.

Lisa has experience in property law and conveyancing, specialising in the preparation and registration of documentation relating to transfers and mortgage bonds in respect of conventional and sectional title property. She also has experience in drafting sale agreements in respect of conventional and sectional title property and advising estate agents and clients regarding various aspects of property law.

Lisa has acted for various property developers, banks and estate agents, as well as individual and corporate clients.

Did You Know?
Lisa enjoys walks on the beach, baking and reading in her spare time.

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